Soi Cheang burns rubber in “Motorway”

Hong Kong director Puo-Soi Cheang is back with a new action movie that promises to burn rubber. “Motorway” follows on the heels of dark thrillers such as “Accident”. Starring Shawn Yue, Anthony Wong, Barbie Hsu, Josie Ho and Winfred Lau, “Motorway” is the tale of a seasoned police driver that has to chase a dangerous getaway driver.

Anyone got a favourite Cheang film they would like to mention?

Speed en Gein en Hollande, July 30 2010

Nos amis chez seront très actifs cet été. Parmi les évènements auxquels ils participent, il y a le Speed en Gein en Hollande ce 30 juillet – 1 août. On n’a pas pu resister à la tentation d’en parler.

Speed en Gein est surtout axé sur la vitesse, mais il y a toujours des friandises motorisées, que l’on peut voir sur les pages suivantes 😉 .
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More photos from Ciney

"Look Mam, no driver" Terry Grant leaves his car at Ciney 2009
"Look Mam, no driver" Terry Grant leaves his car at Ciney 2009

Gaétan’s previous post pretty much says it all. Ciney was good fun, although I also had trouble finding it. Plus, one of the most brilliant things wasn’t actually mentioned on the posters: Terry Grant. This British stunt driver blew everyone away with a very impressive demonstration of precision driving, drifts and fun stunts. It was a case of “Look Ma, no hands”, followed by “no feet”, “no driver” and ultimately “no front left wheel”. Terry jacked up a car locked in a donut, removed the front left wheel while hanging from the side of the car and then replaced it with another one before setting off again. All this while grinning madly.

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