Chevrolet Camaro will be 2010’s ‘Collectible Car of the Future’

Most collectble car in 2010?

After heated discussion at the office (OK, I admit it was a bar), we decided to use a Camaro in Tunerz. So we feel vindicated that the 2010 version has just been voted as this year’s ‘Collectible Car of the Future’ by the Friends of the National Automotive History Collection (NAHC) in the US.

Members of the organization, which supports the world-famous automotive collection at the Detroit Public Library, vote annually to predict the “Collectible Vehicle of the Future” from the year’s new American-built cars and trucks. The Camaro was selected from 13 all-new vehicles launched in 2010.

The award will be presented to Chevrolet executives by the Friends of the NAHC at their annual holiday reception on Thursday, December 9 at the NAHC’s quarters in the Skillman Branch Library in downtown Detroit.

Charles K. Hyde, chairman of the NAHC Board of Trustees, said “this selection is unique among all the ‘Vehicle of the Year’ awards, because it is selected by ‘car buffs’ who know what future collectors will value. We asked our members to predict which of this year’s new vehicles will turn heads in the Woodward Cruise of 2035.”

“Our mission with the 21st century Chevy Camaro was to draw on the passion and heritage, expressing it in a new and modern car with design, technology and quality to carry the legacy forward,” said Tom Peters, Camaro chief designer. “It’s simple; the new Camaro puts smiles on the faces of car enthusiasts of all ages.”

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Retro tacots Mons 2010

retrotacots 2010

Ce dimanche 31 octobre a eu lieu le retrotacots de Mons organisé par le club de Morlanwelz. Plus de 100 voitures étaient exposées , et il y avait de nombreux stands de pièces détachées , de modèles réduits et de documentaion technique concernant l’automobile ancienne.

On Sunday, October 31the Retrotacots expo Mons was organized by the club of Morlanwelz. Over 100 cars were displayed, and there were many stands of spare parts, models and technical documentation on old cars.

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Mondial de l’automobile Paris / Paris motor Show 2010

Ce dimanche nous avons été au Mondial de l’automobile de Paris. Nous vous ramenons quelques photos de nouveautés ( prototypes, supercars et voitures de course).

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Vous pouvez aussi voir la vidéo sur youtube.

This Sunday we were at the Paris Motor Show . We bring back some pictures of new cars (prototype, supercars and racing cars).

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You can also see the video on youtube.

Battle force 5

Voici un dessin animé japonais qui parle course automobile: Battle Force 5:
Créé par Mattel, c’est l’histore de 5 jeunes conducteurs qui ont pour mission de protéger la terre d’envahisseurs extraterrestres, aussi bien des monstres que des robots, dans des champs de bataille qui sont des passages entre 2 mondes.
Il est diffusé sur Cartoon Network.

Hotwheels: battleforce 5
These teen drivers are responsible for protecting Earth from evil outside forces. Using their cool cars, they combat aliens and robots at the battle zones, the gateways between the worlds.

Transformers 3

Voici quelques photos et vidéos du film “Transformer 3” Il parait qu’une ferrari 458 sera transformée. Nous attendons de savoir à quoi elle va ressembler.
voici aussi les coulisses du tournage.

Here are some photos and videos from the movie “Transformer 3” It seems that a Ferrari 458 will be transformed. We expect to know what it will look like.
here is also behind the scenes.

Michael Bay Dot Com in Chicago (Extended) from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.