Pre-prototype of flying car AeroMobil 2.5

Yes, you read that correctly. Aeromobile are testing a a pre-prototype of a flying car. The Slovakian engineers successfully finished road and flight tests as well as first wings stress tests. The results of these tests will lead to development of the next stage of the AeroMobil 3.0, which the team announced to be ready in 2014.

Prototype flying car
Aeromobile flying car prototype
AeroMobil 2.5 was first introduced at the SAE 2013 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition in Montreal. The vehicle has the ambition of becoming a means of transport that combines the best of both car and plane. However, the focus of the AeroMobil is not only on functionality but also design, because engineers and developers want that the vehicle does well and be smooth both in the air and on the road.

So it looks as though every little boy’s wet dream is nearing completion. But just remember that the idea is not that drivers start flying over traffic when on motorways! In fact, I wonder how the rules of the road will deal with a car with wings.

A Mercedes engine made out of wood?

I couldn’t resist grabbing this image from the wonderful Left Lane website (check the link for the full story). Artist Eric van Hove went purely organic (as opposed to metallic) to build a replica Mercedes V12 engine. Superb handiwork on show here.

The work consists of 465 parts made from 35 different materials include wood and fossils (hard ones, not liquid).

As someone pointed out, it probably cost as much to produce as a real Merc. Plus, this thing would fall apart if put in a car. But come on, is it not a thing of beauty?

Rétrotacots Mons 2012

Ce week end a eu lieu la 21è édition de “rétrotacots” la bourse d’expo-vente d’automobiles anciennes et de pièces détachées. L’oganisateur est le rotary-club de Mariemont.

Interview du coordinateur général: Mr Coulon

“Rétrotacots en est à sa 21è édition. Habituellement, nous organisons cet évènement au hall d’exposition de La Louvière, mais la salle n’étant plus disponible nous nous somme rabattus sur Mons-expo. Rien ne dit qu’on ne fera pas 2 expos par an …quand La louvière sera disponible. En attendant nous sommes jumelés avec le club de Linselles Val de Lys (près de Lille) avec qui nous nous entraidons lors de nos manifestations respectives. Nous ne faisons pas de thèmes pour rester le plus large possible. Cette année nous avons organisé un petit rallye d’ancetres qui réunissait 32 voitures , une ballade les a amené jusqu’au golf de Nivelles.
Les exposants sont des clubs d’ancêtres divers . Mais nous aimerions un jour monter un plateau de voitures belges! il y avait plus de 40 marques avant la guerre dont certaines comme “Minerva” rivalisaient avec Rolls-Royce, Bugatti et Hispano-Suiza!! je viens d’ailleurs de découvrir une “Lenkin” qui a été fabriquée à Havré (près de Mons) en 1940!”
Les photos de l’expo sont disponibles dans la galerie photos. Pour plus d’info sur Retrotacots

8 minutes at Nürburgring in an electric car

We couldn’t resist this. OK, electric cars are not all that sexy. But Toyota managed to beat the previous record by over 25 seconds. Using a motorsport-tuned electric powertrain, driver Jochen Krumbach set a lap time of 7mins 22.329secs. This achievement marks the second milestone for TMG’s electric powertrain this year following its new record at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado, US.

Toyota used pioneering off-board battery-to-battery charging technology, developed in partnership with Schneider Electric. After an overnight charge, the TMG DC Quick Charger is able to quickly deliver high levels of power to a battery-based electric car without additional installation or infrastructure, making it the perfect solution for electric motorsport.

Enjoy 8 minutes of power (and glaring sunshine).

Motorcycle sculpture and motorcycle man

The ultimate tuned motorbike
How would you like one of these at home?

I couldn’t resist posting this little beast, a design for a motorbike sculpture made from used parts. Robosteel make sculptures of bikes and monsters from workshops in Ireland. Other creations include the motorcycle man, an example of recycling in the digital age.

From their website: “The original concept art was provided by the illustrator and graphic design artist Simon Roberts from The Red Adventure who used Adobe to create the original digital image.    Simon began by making pencil sketches, using photos of figures and anatomical drawings for reference.  Once the posture had been finalised, he began to piece the Motorcycle Man together, painstakingly resizing, distorting, positioning, and repositioning photos of bike parts, before carefully blending them to create the final mechanical man masterpiece.  When RoboSteel finally meet up with Simon it quickly became apparent that he had created the original graphic in his own image and the metal sculpture looked very much like him.”

Drop over to Robosteel for more.

Soi Cheang burns rubber in “Motorway”

Hong Kong director Puo-Soi Cheang is back with a new action movie that promises to burn rubber. “Motorway” follows on the heels of dark thrillers such as “Accident”. Starring Shawn Yue, Anthony Wong, Barbie Hsu, Josie Ho and Winfred Lau, “Motorway” is the tale of a seasoned police driver that has to chase a dangerous getaway driver.

Anyone got a favourite Cheang film they would like to mention?