Motorcycle sculpture and motorcycle man

The ultimate tuned motorbike
How would you like one of these at home?

I couldn’t resist posting this little beast, a design for a motorbike sculpture made from used parts. Robosteel make sculptures of bikes and monsters from workshops in Ireland. Other creations include the motorcycle man, an example of recycling in the digital age.

From their website: “The original concept art was provided by the illustrator and graphic design artist Simon Roberts from The Red Adventure who used Adobe to create the original digital image.    Simon began by making pencil sketches, using photos of figures and anatomical drawings for reference.  Once the posture had been finalised, he began to piece the Motorcycle Man together, painstakingly resizing, distorting, positioning, and repositioning photos of bike parts, before carefully blending them to create the final mechanical man masterpiece.  When RoboSteel finally meet up with Simon it quickly became apparent that he had created the original graphic in his own image and the metal sculpture looked very much like him.”

Drop over to Robosteel for more.