Speed Sisters: street racing en Palestine

Il existe une fédération de sports automobiles en Palestine. Et il existe aussi un club pour les femmes conducteurs, aussi étonnant que ça puisse paraître. Parmi elles, il y a Suna Aweidah, mieux connue comme “Malika Sibaaq Al-Sayyarat” (la Reine des Course de Voitures). “C’est important de montrer aux hommes que nous sommes capables de faire tout ce que nous aimons”. Yo!

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Palestine has its own motor sports federation and – surprising though it ma seem – its women drivers. These include Suna Aweidah, better known as “Malika Sibaaq Al-Sayyarat (the Queen of Car Racers). Firstly, I race cars because I enjoy driving, and I simply love racing; I love the speed,” she says, “But I also think it’s important to show the strength of Palestinian women; to let men know that we are just as capable to do anything we’d like.”

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UPDATE: the Speed Sisters were featured in a short BBC report in June 2010.

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