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"Look Mam, no driver" Terry Grant leaves his car at Ciney 2009
"Look Mam, no driver" Terry Grant leaves his car at Ciney 2009

Gaétan’s previous post pretty much says it all. Ciney was good fun, although I also had trouble finding it. Plus, one of the most brilliant things wasn’t actually mentioned on the posters: Terry Grant. This British stunt driver blew everyone away with a very impressive demonstration of precision driving, drifts and fun stunts. It was a case of “Look Ma, no hands”, followed by “no feet”, “no driver” and ultimately “no front left wheel”. Terry jacked up a car locked in a donut, removed the front left wheel while hanging from the side of the car and then replaced it with another one before setting off again. All this while grinning madly.

Ciney_2009_pinkMy other favourite shot from Ciney is the car labelled Pink (photo left), for obvious reasons. There are not enough girls in tuning, and they are not respected enough. Pink is a beautifully tuned car both inside and outside. It wouldn’t be my choice of colour for my wheels. But respect is due for the quality of the work.

ciney_2009_100mRespect is also due to this mad Frenchman in a white van (photo right) that won all the 100m challenges that I watched. More than one driver was bluffed by the nondescript exterior. This car rips. If anyone knows who he is, please leave a comment so we can credit him correctly.

If you see your car in any of the shots in the Ciney 2009 photo gallery, get in touch and we’ll do the same.

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